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The Latest in Restaurant Online Ordering Technology

Online ordering provides restaurants with a new way to provide customers with convenience and accessibility. POS Specialists use the latest POS software to upgrade your current system to turn your restaurant into an online ordering machine. Heartland online ordering easily integrates into your POS system to assist staff in streamlining order preparations. Move orders directly from online to the prep queue, resulting in faster order fulfillment and decreased order errors—increasing customer satisfaction.


Explore How to Attract New Customers With Online Ordering

Highlights of Restaurant Online Ordering​


Easy Menu Updates


Mobile Ordering


Pay Online


Upsell Products


Streamline Workflows

Benefits of Online Ordering

Boost Your Restaurants Revenue


Online ordering allows restaurants to access new revenue streams with online delivery platforms, delivery pickup, walk-ins, and curbside pickup. According to the National Restaurant Association, 46% of smartphone users order restaurant takeout or delivery from their phones at least once a month.

Besides providing new ways for customers to order and pick up their favorite meals, online ordering presents new opportunities to upsell and cross-sell customer favorites. Online ordering has also proved promising, with consumers spending more money on online orders than in-person orders.


Become More Efficient

Heartlands online ordering goes beyond creating convenience for customers and helps your staff streamline work. Heartlands system maximizes your team’s efficiency, moving orders from online to the kitchen display systems and onto your delivery system.


Provide Convenience with Curbside Pickup

With consumers always on the go and looking to incorporate convenience into their everyday life, curbside pickup has become a consumer favorite. With Heartland online ordering, your establishment can easily provide curbside pickup to customers without extra strain on staff.

Stay on the Cutting Edge with Scan to Pay

Heartland has made curbside pickup even more manageable with Heartland QR and text to pay integrations. Keep your workflow moving with fast and easy payment solutions allowing patrons to easily view and pay their bill from their car or on their phone.


Explore How to Attract New Customers With Online Ordering

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