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Delight Customers with a Self-Order Kiosk

Give Customers More Control


Speed Up Processes

Simplify the ordering process by integrating self-order kiosk with your POS and KDS for streamlined, speedy ordering.


Increase Sales

Leverage upselling and cross-selling prompts to encourage larger average ticket sizes and motivate customers to spend more.


Free Up Staff

Reduce labor costs and free up employees to focus on providing better customer experiences and expediting orders faster.

Seamless Integration for Maximum Efficiency

Provide an Easy, Fast, Accurate Ordering Experience
  • Kiosk
    Give customers more control by allowing them to input their own orders and double-check for accuracy.

  • Point of Sale
    Once orders are entered, they are sent to your POS so the transaction can be tracked and processed.

  • Kitchen Display Systems
    Orders are transmitted directly to the kitchen, and include details on priority, instructions, and modifiers.

Noteworthy Benefits for Your Business

Self-Order Kiosks Take Your Restaurant to the Next Level

Save Costs

Eliminate waste from order errors and reduce labor costs through automation.


Stay Informed

Gain critical insight on sales and customer data that you can track in real time.


Boost Profits

Boost sales through automated promotional and marketing prompts.

Service and Support Available 24/7/365

We Offer Local Support for the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California
  • Three decades of experience providing industry-leading solutions, services and support.

  • Comprehensive support available, from installation and training to troubleshooting and repair.

  • Available 24/7/365 with lightning-fast response times and in comprehensive industry knowledge.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today!

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