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Everything You Need to Run a Successful Restaurant

Equip your business with fully integrated restaurant solutions

We understand that your restaurant requires more than point of sale (POS) functionality so you can deliver the best possible customer service and operate with the greatest efficiently. POS Specialists offers ancillary services from Heartland to provide total restaurant solutions that support every area of your business.


Let your customers know you make card payment security a priority by upgrading to EMV payment technology. Heartland Payment Processing enables your clients to use EMV chip cards and their other preferred payment types, while giving you the benefits of interchange-plus pricing and next day funding. Heartland Payment Processing includes Heartland Secure, a complete security solution featuring EMV, tokenization, and Heartland’s E3 end-to-end encryption.

Mobile Manager

Monitor sales, labor, and other business data anytime, anywhere with Mobile Manager. Whether you manage one location or multiple restaurants, Mobile Manager provides you with real-time visibility and analytics, easily accessible from an administrator console. You can also set up alerts that notify you when specific events occur or metrics fall outside of acceptable ranges.

Guest List

Your guests are making reservations online, via mobile app, by phone and in person. Efficiently manage all reservations with Guest List solution. This tool also provides accurate wait times and notifies guest with a voice message or text when their tables are ready. 

Email Marketing

Manage your customer database and execute targeted marketing campaigns with Email Marketing. This restaurant solution is designed to help you engage diners and build loyal customer relationships.

Gift and Loyalty

Integrate your gift and loyalty solutions with your POS system for optimal efficiency and fast, convenient customer service. Use Heartland’s services to brand gift cards, which can double as loyalty cards. Heartland offers you unlimited transactions for a low monthly fee. Cards also feature Heartland state-of-the-art security.

ControlScan Firewall Service

Leverage the ControlScan Firewall Service for IT security and PCI compliance. This service can also include a managed failover service to keep your business running and securely processing payments, even during an outage.

Contact POS Specialists to discuss comprehensive restaurant solutions tailored to your business.

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