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We have many valuable partners providing many services for our clients. They offer Cloud Based reporting, Frequent Dining and Loyalty, Online Gift Card Sales and Mobile Payments. All out partners fully integrate into Digital Dining and offer the support we demand.

Heartland Payment Systems.

We will help businesses prosper by providing them with effective solutions in a fair, honest and transparent manner.”


– Bob Carr, Heartland’s Founder (1997)



BeerSAVER has developed the best draft beer control system in the market. The system can monitor the volume of beer and other beverages dispensed from each tap and reconcile the sales rung in on the POS system in real time. Some of the features include:

Accurate and reliable monitoring, deterring theft and reducing losses.

Complete inventory management for multiple locations.

Reports, real-time alerts, and notifications.

Superior customer service.

The system provides information to help reduce losses and increase an operator's profits. It also acts as an inventory management system to assist in managing inventory more effectively. You can access all of this information anywhere in the world online. Whether you are in the restaurant, at the corporate office, or at home, you will have real-time access to information for your establishment.

QSR Automations.

Today, QSR is widely recognized as the leader in kitchen display systems for all types of restaurants. Capitalizing on our expertise in advanced kitchen video software and hardware solutions, QSR is also helping casual and fine dining restaurants to measurably increase efficiency and create memorable guest experiences with our revolutionary in-store, online, and mobile table management and reservations solutions that leverage a powerful and unique link to the kitchen and dining room.

Kitchen Display: robust software solutions that are definable for your specific restaurant operation.

Recipe Viewer: easily manage and graphically present key recipe information in the kitchen and beyond.

Table Management: efficient seating and accurate wait times for walk-ins, in-store and online call-aheads, and reservations guests.

Restaurant Reservations: in-store, online, and mobile reservation options to build guest loyalty and capture guest data.

Image Vault.

Since their introduction in 1998, Image Vault® digital video recorders (DVRs) have become the single security choice for all kinds of operations. C-Stores, Hospitals, banks, restaurants, transportation firms, police cars, retail stores - whatever the need, Image Vault has a solution made to order. Portable or permanent; micro- or mega-size; standalone or networkable with cash registers, safes, door alarms and modems; one camera or hundreds - Image Vault DVRs have exactly the features your business needs, in just the right combination.


Digital Dining has put together a robust set of marketing tools and services to meet the needs of our customers in this highly digital age.

Digital Dining is pleased to now offer a suite of powerful new marketing tools designed to connect your business better with your valued customers. Our suite of tools will enable you to build customer communications designed to drive sales and frequency and engage your customers in your Digital Dining loyalty programs. Customers can have the opportunity to purchase your Digital Dining gift cards or new 'Virtual Cards' directly from your website or mobile devices. We have integrated web design services that enable you to present your customers with a beautiful and professional website that is easily managed and ties in with your Digital Dining POS Menus. We have social media services, text marketing, and an awesome voucher / social promotion engine called Bonusbox.

We are excited to present these new and exciting additions to our platform. These services are all designed to help you capitalize in the online market strengthen your customer relationships and grow your customer base. Please contact us to learn more about one or more of these new services we now offer.

Thanks again for your valued Digital Dining POS business and relationship, we will continue to add value based programs integrated with our solutions to better serve you in your growth plans.


Posiflex has four primary objectives – provide revolutionary technology, reliable quality, reasonable pricing and recognized service. For over 25 years we have designed and manufactured Point-of-Service (POS) and industrial touch terminals. Recognized as a pioneer and leader in the industry, Posiflex has been awarded more than 30 patents for innovative design. In partnership with software application companies, Posiflex’s products are sold worldwide through VARS and distributors to various vertical industries. Posiflex’s comprehensive suite comprises of a wide range of peripherals, terminals ranging from small footprint electronic cash register replacements, to POS and kiosk touch terminals, to robust back office file servers in two ISO 9001/9002/14001 certified facilities

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